Real music deserves real mastering, compete with the big boys.

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Electro Acoustic Labs is an Apple Digital Masters Provider

Electro Acoustic Labs is a certified Apple Digital Masters provider

True Mastering for Artists

Boutique hand build studio gear, a fully acoustically treated room, the most advanced speaker system in the world & years of electro acoustic knowledge are tools I use to take your artistic work to the highest auditive quality level possible. Together with you and your mixing engineer I will make your tracks sound the way you envisioned them and elevate them to their highest potential. As a schooled musician, my ability to highlight the key emotional elements in your work sets me apart from other mastering engineers. Your release can only make one first impression.

“… Your master sounds so much better then The master I got back from [an online mastering tool]” – Michel N.


Very grateful to have been able to work on these great mixes and help them get the shine and audience they deserve. Leave a message if you would like me to master your tracks and get featured.