Diffuser Prototype Parts Arrived

People sometimes think wood reflects sound noticeably different than concrete. Actually, sound is reflected the same by any solid material. To keep the weight down I chose polystyrene for my diffuser prototype. I found out IsolatieWereld could supply the quality I needed for a very fair price I noticed that they actually also offer custom cutting of objects, and since I was very busy with a mastering project, I decided to email them and ask if they could realise this design for me.

Although an abstract mathematical design of this size isn’t normally the type of projects they take on, I was able to instruct them and make sure they knew the needed steps. The communication went smooth and they updated me with each step of progress. Finally after two weeks of waiting all the 108 parts arrived neatly on a large pallet.

I’d like to thank Eric Pater and his team at IsolatieWereld for the admirable work and prompt delivery.