Target Platforms and Media


Electro Acoustic Labs offers mastering for all platforms. Need a master specially for radio and vinyl? Or you want an album mastered for all platforms and you want to show true mastering quality by having an Apple Digital Masters banner on iTunes?

Loudness & LUFS

Most online platforms have a level correction system in place that will either lower or amplify your track’s level when they do not match the platforms target level. This is not something to be concerned about but it is something to be aware of. I will make sure there are no surprises when you get featured on streaming playlists.

Apple Digital Masters

Electro Acoustic Labs is an official certified Apple Digital Masters provider. When you want an Apple Digital Master banner on iTunes or Apple Music, please let me know before I start mastering, there are a few steps we then need to do and we also need to find out if your current streaming aggregator supports Apple Digital Masters.